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    Our SS-Helferin uniform sets are made of the highest-quality fabric and components, based on original patterns and examples. Custom tailored to fit your measurements. There are no other reproductions that come close to our SS-Helferin sets. Guaranteed. Click on the buton above to see more detailed photos.

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    Heer Panzerwraps: Patterned off original patterns and examples

    Correct patterned Panzerwrap with details missing on most modern reproductions- from internal side ties to buttons, your G-Max Heer Panzerwrap will fit 'like they used to'- Need special or unique insignia? Please let us know when ordering- we can correctly assemble and sew on all your insignia. Click on the button for more photos.

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    Luftwaffe Fliegerbluse: For your Fallschirmjäger or Ace Pilot

    Whether the uniform set you want to build is for a 'lowly' recruit, Parachute Veteran, or Ace Pilot, we can supply a complete impression for you. Headgear, Trousers, Jackets and Fieldgear are all available from G-Max Tailoring. Please click on the Luftwaffe tab at the top or click on the button for more detailed photos.

New: Insignia & Military Art

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Correctly sized and stitched on a green cloth background, we can make any rank- on demand, for your Luftwaffe uniforms. Please casino 7 us your request for sleeve rank, from 1 set to 50.

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We now offer a good selection of Military Art, from renowned artists Robert Bailey and Ron Volstad. From Black & White pencil sketches to Colour Armor. Click marysville casino for a list of what's in stock.


Visit our sister company for many of our products along with many other German, American, Canadian and British items for sale.

G-Max Tailorshop Update:

We are no longer taking new orders. We have some older stock on hand that we are moving, but we will not be making any new product at this time.


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Blackjack double attack

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Blackjack double attack

Blackjack double attack online anschauen

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